We've taken the Tango Capital by Storm

The 35th Assembly of AIIC took place in Buenos Aires, 

Argentina at the Palais Rouge conference

center (Salon Versailles) on 

January 12-

15, 2012

The opening ceremony was held on Wednesday 11 January. 

The organizing committee wishes to thank ALL members, those present in person, those represented by proxy and those who were unable to attend, for their support and contributions to making this Assembly a smashing success.

And to the organizers of the next Assembly --wherever it is held -- all we can say is "good luck" and, to paraphrase our new President:

YES, YOU TUCAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Museum Info

Looking for a cool place to stop in on your walks in BA? How about a museum? See what's open in January and when at  http://www.lanacion.com.ar/1436897-direcciones-telefonos-paginas-webs (in Spanish).

On a more complicated note....an important reminder

Crime: How bad is crime in Buenos Aires? The question is more difficult to answer than you might think. On one hand, many people who have visited Buenos Aires will say things like “I walked everywhere in Buenos Aires at all hours of the day and night and never had a problem or felt unsafe. I saw women pushing their strollers at midnight for gosh sakes. It’s safe.”

On the other, you will hear people who have been touched by crime say things like “the crime here is horrible, especially against tourists. You wouldn’t believe the stuff that goes unreported.” And you can certainly read stories in the newspapers about robberies, murders and all manner of terrible crimes taking place with alarming frequency.

But we need to put all the crime horror stories in perspective. Buenos Aires is a huge city of some 15 million people. Of course awful crimes are going to happen. They happen here but they also happen in Toronto, Munich, Sydney and Paris — in all big cities, everywhere.

Perhaps the best answer comes from the US Overseas Security Advisory Council which said Crime is a serious problem in Argentina that can be managed with common sense precautions.”  In sum, keep a tight grip on your personal items (purse, computer bag, etc), store your wallet in an inside pocket (instead of the back pocket of your jeans) and leave any flashy, gold or expensive-looking jewelry at home. 

Take these precautions EVERYWHERE, including at the Assembly venue!!! 

See for the full text of the crime section: http://www.batips.com/

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