Apart Hotels

Quartier Basavilbaso"Apart Hotels" consist of a private apartment inside a hotel and usually include some standard hotel services (maid services, for example). 

Breakfast is usually not included. 

Dazzler Suites Juncal, www.dazzlersuitesjuncal.com
Distance from the venue:  10 min by taxi, 20 min walk
Public transportation - Buses: 92, 39, 128 (15 min)
US$ 100 - 140

Dazzler Lapridawww.dazzlerlaprida.com
Distance from the venue: 12 min by taxi, 30 min walk
Public transportation - Buses: 92 (20 min)
                                        US$ 80 - 100

www.administracioncallao.com/  Recommended by a local member whose parents stayed there a few years ago and found it very good and very conveniently located.






See the following links for further information.

www.enjoyingba.com (in Spanish only)

www.alojargentina.com.ar/apartse.html (in Spanish)