Hotels Near the Venue

When booking your hotel, please make sure the air conditioning will be fully operational in January 2012 as Buenos Aires is VERY hot at this time of year!

*Note: The following hotels have rate agreements in place with the conference venue (Palais Rouge) and/or AIIC. When booking, please mention the venue/AIIC for those rates to apply. 
That said, the organizing committee cannot guarantee that agreement rates will be the lowest available. Please check travel search engines and sites before booking, as even lower rates may be offered over the Internet.

Rates listed here are for reference ONLY. Individual hotels will quote based on applicable discounts, the exchange rate and availability. 

Rates DO NOT include 21% Value Added Tax (VAT) unless otherwise indicated.

For a list of Bed and Breakfasts (B&B) in Buenos Aires, use the search engine at Select the Palermo district of Buenos Aires to limit your search to the area around the venue. 

Palermo Viejo B&B 
Niceto Vega 4629

This botique hotel in the heart of Palermo can receive a total of up to 16 people.
Distance to venue: 

6 min by taxi, 

20 min walk. 

Public transp- Buses: 140, 151, 106 (10 to 15 min)

Standard, single   US$ 75
Standard, double  US$ 85
Master, double     US$ 115
Lofty, double       US$ 100

Rates INCLUDE taxes. 

Vain Botique Hotel                                                                                                                               See Map

This botique hotel, part of the T2 chain, is located in the south section of Buenos Aires, only 9 minutes by car from the city center. Comforts include high speed internet. For discount reservations, contact Liliane at
Distance to venue: 10 min by taxi, 25 min walking. 

*15% discount if booked before April 14, 2011. 


Standard: $156 USD 
Superior:  $190 USD
Junior:     $224 USD
Senior:    $248 USD

Soho All Suites                                                           See map

Sleek botique hotel on a prime shopping street in hip Palermo Soho, with family-friendly, apartment-style suites and a rooftop sundeck, in a modern, 5-story building with sophisticated design. 24 hour room service, multilingual desk staff. Steps away from chic botiques, resturaunts, cafés, and clubs, abuzz with BA's fashion and media-elite. 
Distance to venue:  7 min by taxi, 15 minutes walking. 10-20 minutes by public transportation: Buses 140, 39, 151, 106. 

SPECIAL RATES (with 15% discount):

Superior suite:              $156 USD
Junior Suite:                 $208 USD
Junior suite w/terrace:   $227 USD
Senior suite:                $238 USD
Penthouse:                  $314 USD

Honduras 462, Palermo, Buenos Aires 

Magnolia Hotel Botique                                                          See map

This 2-star budget hotel offers such amenities as facilities for storing luggage, secure safes in rooms, telephone at reception, televisions in rooms, a summer terrace, and a common room with a TV set. 
Distance to venue: 5 mins by taxi, 11 minutes walking, 35 minutes in public transportation (Buses: 15-109, 110-109, 141-109). 

RACK RATES (10% discount offered):

Vitraux:       $210 USD
Patio:          $250 USD
Terrace:      $290 USD

Julian Álvarez 1746, Buenos Aires 

Mine Hotel                                                             See map

This hotel has 20 rooms, ranging from classic to superior. Located south-west, 5 minutes by car from the city center, this hotel is the ideal pied-á-terre to take advantage of all the wonders of Buenos Aires. The Mine Hotel is a four star Botique establishment. 
Distance to the venue: 5 min by taxi, 17 minutes walking, 10-15 mins in public transportation (Buses 140, 151, 106). 


Classic queen:    $154 USD
Superior queen:  $189 USD
Palermo King:     $206 USD

Gorriti 4770, Palermo, Buenos Aires 

PuroBaires Hotel Botique                                                               See map

A luxury botique hotel that offers the best services and comfort. Located in the heart of Palermo Soho, very close to downtown and the Recoleta neighborhood. They offer personalized attention with accesible rates. 
Distance to the venue: 6 min by taxi, 20 minutes walking, 10-15 mins in Public transportation (buses: 140, 151, 106).            


Superior room:             $145 USD
Deluxe Jacuzzi room:     $185 USD

Niceto Vega 4788, Buenos Aires 

Synergie Hotel                       See map 

Synergie Hotel Botique is a picture of Palermo Soho on a smaller scale. As style comes to life here, attention to detail brings a guest's needs to the forefront. Featuring ultramodern rooms and personalized services, everything blends well together, creating a unique harmony. 

Distance to the venue:  7 min by taxi, 16 minutes walking, 10-15 mins in public transportation (Buses 140, 106, 151). 

RACK RATES (15% discount offered):

Standard:       $140 USD
Junior suite:    $170 USD
Suite:            $180 USD
Super suite:    $190 USD

Malabia 1568, Buenos Aires 

Malabia House                                         See map 

A blend of contemporary and traditional design of River Plate style. Built in the late 18th century, this home seamlessly integrates a unique and relaxed atmosphere. 
Distance to the venue: 7 min by taxi, 16 minutes walking, 10-15 minutes in public transportation (buses 140, 106, 151). 


Low:     $140 USD
High:    $190 USD

Malabia 1555, Buenos Aires 

Blue Soho                                                           See map 

Distance to the venue: 8 min by taxi, 17 mins walking; 15 minutes by public transportation- (Bus 39).

SPECIAL RATES (1/1/11-30/4/12)

Bamboo Room         $75    USD 
Classic Room          $100  USD 
Yellow Room           $100  USD
Natural Room          $100   USD
Cosmopolitan Room  $125   USD
Retro Room            $125   USD 
Chic Room             $125   USD 
Urban Room           $125   USD
Oriental Room         $145  USD
Domo Room            $145  USD 
Soho Room             $165 USD 
Palermo Room         $165  USD

El Salvador 4735

The Glu House                                             See map

Distance to the venue: 8 minutes by taxi, 17 minutes walking, 15-20 minutes by public transportation (Buses: 140, 39, 151).


GLAM SUITE (Classic Suite):  $194 USD

LUXE SUITE (Superior Suite): $212 USD 

GLU SUITE (Master Suite)     $279  USD

Godoy Cruz 1733, Buenos Aires

Nuss Hotel
 El Salvador 4916, Buenos Aires                                                    See map

Distance to the venue:8 minutes by taxi, 20 minutes walking, 15 minutes by public transportation (Bus: 39).

US$ 220 + VAT.
AIIC Contact: Santiago Encinas,

Palermo Boutique H.

Acuña de Figueroa 1551, Palermo Soho

Distance to the venue: 2 min by taxi, 4 min walk.


- Luxury Master Suite: US$ 250.
- Garden Deluxe Suite:  USS 200.
- Doors Superior Suite: US$ 150.
- Green Suite:  US$ 150.
- Twins Superior Apartment: US$ 200.
- Urban Apartment: two connected double rooms, the Urban Room (double bed) and the Hip Pop room (two single beds). Rented joinly: US$ 150. Separately, the rate for the Urban Room is US$ 90 per night; while Hip Pop goes for US$. 

Uriarte 1648

This quaint establishment has 16 rooms available, all specially priced at US$ 170 + VAT.
Distance to venue: 8 min by taxi, 24 min walk.
Public transportation - Bus: 39 (20  min)

Miravida Soho
Darregueyra 2050

Distance from the venue: 10 min by taxi, 23 min walk
Public transportation - Buses: 36, 39 (15 to 20 min)

Rates include breakfast and VAT

Suite X2 persons U$D 205 
Suite X3 U$D 230
Courtyard Two US$ 165
Courtyard Three US$ 175
Terrace Loft US$ 215
Courtyard Loft Five US$ 180
Courtyard Loft Six US$ 200

Five Cool Rooms                                                            See map

Distance to the venue: 6 minutes by taxi, 14 minutes walking, 10-20 minutes in public transportation (buses: 140, 39, 151, 106).


Low:  $125 USD
High: $240 USD

Honduras 4742, Buenos Aires 

Uriarte 1648 

AIIC Contact: Gaston Federico,  
This quaint establishment has 16 rooms available.
Distance to venue: 8 min by taxi, 24 min walk.
Public transportation - Bus: 39 (20  min)

Other establishments

Legado Mítico. Gurruchaba 1848;
Torre Cristóforo Colombo       
The hotel blends comfort and privacy in its 160 fully equipped rooms, combining the best of Mediterranean cuisine, Italian design and the glamour of this booming area. Its employees have welcomed various types of guests year after year in a warm and friendly manner. Renovated in 2009.

 Fray J. S. M. de Oro 2747, Buenos Aires                                  See map
$83-$115 USD

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