Downtown/Other Hotels

As you can probably imagine, in a city of 15 million inhabitants with a vibrant business culture and tourist trade, places to stay abound. No matter what you pick, from a 5-star establishment to a funky hostel in San Telmo, you'll want to keep two things in mind: transport options to the venue and air conditioning. Trust us, if a place says "no a/c, fan only" you'll want to pick another spot!

The array of options can be pretty overwhelming, so we've tried to keep it simple. 

Inexpensive, hostel-style accommodations include: 
Art Factory Hostel. A tourist attraction in itself, this restored antique mansion is a tribute to eclectic creativity and the bohemian lifestyle. Not only does each room maintain its own unique design elements, but the building itself plays host to a range of permanent exhibitions and artistic displays. Located in the cultural-hub of San Telmo, Art Factory offers private and dorm rooms.

Hostel Arrabel in Montserrat and Portal del Sur

Note to the wise: we recommend you steer clear of the infamously debaucherous Milhouse Hostel, known as a party animal hangout where guests are likely to get very little actual sleep.