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Personalized Tours

For a customized tour of the city with art historians, architects and other professionals, contact Eternautas at 


Moonlight over the Parana

Imagine the mysteries of the Parana river delta. Imagine the sounds of the night wildlife and picture yourself in a canoe, gliding over the water, quietly paddling your way … under the light of a full moon. Memories you will cherish forever!

AIIC members will be picked up from a central rallying point downtown around 7 PM on Jan. 8, 9 and/or 10. There are only a few places left each night, so you’ll need to decide fast. You don’t have to pay anything right now, but if you accept it becomes a debt of honor!!!

We’ll take to the small creeks in Canadian hand-made canoes and paddle under the stars and the light of the full  moon. We’ll stop for a nice get together with a snack (wine included). A guide and complete gear are included; you need only bring yourself…

Contact Julian at julianvandam@gmail.com for pricing information and to book your spot (Julian speaks English, Spanish and French fluently).

Or if biking is your thing, check out http://www.bikeit.com.ar/tours/Bike_tour_english.jpg for a unique view of the city.

Better yet, how about a sky-high view???

     For an utterly different way of seeing the Parana river delta, check out Skytrips. How about watching the beautiful Tigre scenery, with friends or relatives, on board a small airplane? The view from a low-flying airplane is unbelievable!

     Leaving the San Fernando International Airport, located 8 minutes away from the delta, we fly for 30 minutes over the first

section of the Parana river delta, the magnificent postcard offered by the city of Tigre and, far away, the impressive image of

the Federal District of Buenos Aires. 

     Book your flight via info@skytrips.com.ar 



Dante in Buenos Aires

Want to visit something absolutely unique? Make time to visit Palacio Barolo on Avenida de Mayo 1370, two blocks from the National Congress… The website explains in detail the intention of the owner… http://www.pbarolo.com.ar/homein.htm

There are guided tours, but the best idea is to visit it on your own. Plus, if you slip the caretaker a tip, you may be able to visit the top floor where you can look across the river all the way to Uruguay! If not, don't worry, touring the building alone is an absolute experience in the unexpected....

La Botica del Angel

La Botica del Angel is a stunning place where you can admire the different elements exhibited in one of the best art museums in Buenos Aires. Imagine about 1200 meters full of interesting objects such as costumes, documentaries and videos. There are also beautiful paintings and great works by different Argentinean artists like Antonio Berni.
It sometimes offers tango shows which are excellent options to enjoy extraordinary performances while also being part of the shows themselves since the protagonists always invite you to join them.

Guided tours. To arrange visits call from 10am to 5pm.  Luis Sáenz Peña 541.  Contact Information: Tel. (+54-11) 4384-9396




Oviedo, Berutti 2602. One of the best restaurants in town – very good cuisine, good fish, good beef, excellent cellar. Safe  neighbourhood. In the style of the Parisian brasseries like Lipp.  Expensive, good value for money.  Phone number:  4822-5415. Also recommended by Condé Nast.

Sucre, Sucre 1676. Young, post-modern, trendy, expensive.  Chef, owner, and impresario Fernando Trocca has a flair for drama, and Sucre, the centerpiece of his fiefdom (which includes the equally fashion-friendly Bar Uriarte and Gran Bar Danzón) is pure theater. Phone number: 4782-9082. Recommended by Condé Nast.
Il Matarello, among the best Italian restaurants in town.  Unsafe neighborhood.  Expensive.  In La Boca.
Telephone number:  4307-0529
La Cabaña, Montevideo y Alvear.  Old name famous for beef in Buenos Aires.  In its new location, it lost most of its charm.   Tel. number: 4814-0001/2
El Globo, Hipólito Yrigoyen y Salta.  Spanish restaurant famous for its sea-food, near Avenida de Mayo.  It was in the restaurants and cafés in this area where Spanish immigrants, republicans and royalists, would have “café battles” in the thirties and forties.
Sarkis, Thames y Jufré. Excellent Lebanese and Middle East food, very well-known in Menem’s times. Good value for money. (Not too far from the venue)
El Desnivel, Defensa 855 – noisy, local, inexpensive, good beef.
La Brigada, Estados Unidos 465 – very good beef in San Telmo.
La Pétanque, Defensa 596 - French brasserie in the heart of San Telmo owned by Pascal, French Swiss restaurateur.   Good value for money. Telephone number:  4342-7930.
Sottovoce, Av. Libertador y Ayacucho.  Trendy, good cuisine.
Happening, Puerto Madero. Take a table at the terrace (not inside, too big, too noisy) and you will enjoy both the view and the food.  Expensive.
Olsen, Gorriti 5870.  Not too far from the venue.  Nordic cuisine.  Ideal for brunch but also for lunch and dinner.  With a garden in town. Phone: 4776-7677. Recommended by Condé Nast.
Sudestada, Guatemala 5602 – Asian cuisine.  Phone: 4776-3777
Sipan, Peruvian cuisine. Florida y Paraguay. Inside the Air France arcade.
El Obrero, Agustin Caffarena 64 (y Caboto), La Boca.  In a typical tin house, typical Italian/Spanish local food enjoyed by the biggest possible mix (football players, celebrities and tourists)  Paper table-cloths. Very noisy, inexpensive and popular. Phone: 4362-99125. Be careful in this neighborhood at night. Closed for dinner on Sundays. Recommended by Condé Nast.
Museo Evitalocated in the Evita Perón Museum (also worth a visit) at 
J.M Gutiérrez 3926. Italian-inspired restaurant, in a lovely neighborhood. Reasonably priced. 

Coffee and Tea Houses

Cafe Tortoni. Ok, so it's a classic. And a lot of tourists go there. But so do a lot of locals. Founded in 1858, Café Tortoni is the oldest coffee shop in Argentina, a gathering point for generations of intellectuals, politicians and artists. You'll find it at Avenida de Mayo 825, near the Plaza de Mayo. See www.cafetortoni.com.ar/index_ingles.html. Recommended by Condé Nast.

Tealosophy. a tea shop and tasting room with locations in Recoleta and Palermo. Founder and owner Inés Berton studied perfume making in New York before returning to Buenos Aires to found this unique shop. Teas are imported, selected and blended by the owner herself. See location information at www.tealosophy.com/eng/eng.html

Sirop Folie. Recommended by locals (and the New York Times) as the best 5'oclock tea option, Sirop Folie is located behind the restaurant by the same name at Vicente López 1661, Pasaje del Correo. See more at http://siroprestaurant.com/home.html. The restaurant is a tad on the expensive side, but trendy, fun and worth it!

Alvear Afternoon tea en l’orangerie www.alvearpalace.com/v3/index.php?secc=restaurantes&resto=tea&PHPSESSID=01e65054cd4cfe9d063d61489c7ce306

Afternoon tea at the Hyatt Hotel buenosaires.park.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/entertainment/restaurants/index.jsp#4013



The Tigre Delta (see Excursions from Buenos Aires) is not just for day-trippers. Consider staying overnight at Rumbo 90 (http://www.rumbo90.com.ar/) or just stopping by to pamper yourself at their spa. Another highly-recommended option is the romantic, secluded-feeling La Pascuala Delta Lodge.



The fashion world meets in Palermo. For a listing of designers and their shops in the area, see  http://www.chicas.com.ar/2007/10/01/moda-en-palermo/ or just stroll the streets on a summer afternoon. Keep your eyes out for the following classics or head straight for them....

Decoration and Items for the Home
Paul French Gallery. Gortiti 4865; http://pauldeco.com
Mercado de Pulgas. Niceto Vega y Dorrego.
Manifesto. Humboldt 2160; www.manifestoweb.com
George Home Couture. Soler 5791; www.georgehomecouture.com
Fábrica de luz. www.fabricadeluz.com.ar
Iluminación Agüero. www.agueroiluminacion.com.ar
Papelera Palermo. Cabrera 5227; www.papelerapalermo.com.ar
Calma Chicha. Honduras 4909; www.calmachicha.com
Tienda Palacio. Honduras 5272; www.tiendapalacio.com.ar
Net. Godoy Cruz 1740; www.netmuebles.com.ar
Simple. Thames 1344.
Jabones Sabater. www.shnos.com.ar

Women’s Clothing
Salsipuedes. Honduras 4814; tel. (54-11) 4831 8467.
DAM. Honduras 4775; tel. (54-11) 4833 3935.
Amores Trash Couture. Ángel Carranza 1979; www.amorestrashcouture.com.ar
María Cher. El Salvador 4724; www.maria-cher.com.ar
Lupe. El Salvador 4567; www.lupeba.com.ar
Valeria Pesqueira. Gurruchaga 1750; tel. (54-11) 4833 7218.
Humawaca. El Salvador 692; www.humawaca.com
Juana de arco. El Salvador 4762; www.juanadearco.net
Chicco Ruiz. www.lourdeschiccoruiz.com.ar
Mariana Dappiano. www.marianadappiano.com
Vero Ivaldi. Gurruchaga 1585; www.veroivaldi.com
Mishka. El Salvador 4673; www.mishkashoes.com.ar
Nadine Zlotogora. El Salvador 4638; www.nadinez.com
Gabriela Horvat. Honduras 5238; www.gabrielahorvat.com
Carolina Aubele. Scalabrini Ortiz 1396; www.carolinaaubele.com

Men’s Clothing
Balthazar. Gorriti 5131; www.balthazarshop.com
Félix. Gurruchaga 1670; www.felixba.com.ar
Bolivia. Gurruchaga 1581; www.boliviaparatodos.com.ar
Zapatos Terán. Thames 1863; www.teraonline.com

Art Galleries in Palermo (near the venue)

Elsi del Río. Humboldt 1510; www.elsidelrio.com.ar
Braga Menéndez. Humboldt 1574; www.galeriabm.com
Pabellón 4. Uriarte 1332; www.pabellon4.com


OK, so we are a bit late to participate in the festivities surrounding Buenos Aires’ designation as the UNESCO World Book Capital of the year in 2011, but that doesn’t mean Assembly-goers should ignore the amazing bookstores peppering the Argentinean capital. From the classic Ateneo Grand downtown to the smart, new independent bookstores in fashionable Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires is a book lover’s heaven. Start here:

El Ateneo: The bookstore to end all bookstores, at least in South America, is the majestic and stunning El Ateneo Grand Splendid at Avenida Santa Fe 1960. Where else can you sit in a theater box and leisurely read a volume of Neruda, or sip a

cortado where Carlos Gardel once performed? In a city with a rich literary history and excellent bookstores, this theater cum bookstore is a historical and beautiful building to visit, and a great place to stock up on books and music. More info and history at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Ateneo

For a complete listing of English-language options, download the guide at http://argentinastravel.com/downloads/bookstore-guide.pdf

Or if you are looking to browse the shelves near the Assembly venue, try:

Libros del Pasaje, Thames 1762. In addition to a beautiful bookstore, this converted manor house is also home to a bar and record store.

Eterna Cadencia, Honduras 5574. Visit the rooftop terrace for tree-shaded readings.  www.eternacadencia.com 

If you happen to be strolling through San Telmo, don't miss Café La Poesia, the perfect spot for poetry readings and intellectual meets and greets. Chile 502, San Telmo. http://wander-argentina.com/la-poesia-%E2%80%93a-literary-cafe-in-san-telmo/