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Social Events

A variety of open and closed-door events will be taking place on occasion of the Assembly.

They include:

January 8     ADICA-hosted dinner (by invitation only)
January 11    Wecoming Reception (at the conference venue after opening ceremonies)
January 13    "Chez Che". Sign up to join a local colleague at home for dinner (space limited). See "Dinner Anyone?"
January 14    "Language Night." Sign up to join others in your language group (A, B or C) for dinner at a local restaurant. See "Dinner Anyone?"

And don't forget other activities, including:

Free tango lessons during lunch! 

"Interprait": Get your photo taken in a real, live booth (January 12 and 13th. Photos will be ready on the 14th and can be purchased for 30 pesos each (around 8 dollars).