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BUENOS AIRES - Excursiones


When you take this tour, you will discover all the magic of Argentina's capital city. The tour includes the magnificent Recoleta end Palermo neighborhoods, with all the beauty and elegance of their parks and buildings, the Colon Theatre, one of the five most important opera theatres in the world, Mayo Square, around which the history and political life of the country have taken place throughout the years, the Pink House, the Cathedral, the typical Mayo Avenue, the Congress and many other buildings and palaces of special architectural, historical and cultural value.

Our tour continues in San Telmo, home to the XIX century aristocracy of the city, Caminito in the colorful neighborhood of Italian immigrants called La Boca, and the very recently recycled and newest area of the city: Puerto Madero

Schedule: Monday through Sunday 9 am and 2 pm

Departures from downtown hotels.

Rate: U$S 15 per person



Only 30 Km. away from the city there is a wonderful ecologic area: THE DELTA OF THE PARANA RIVER. We will get there by bus and by the "Tren de la Costa”. All along the riverside we will enjoy the view of the magnificent houses and stylish residences of the area.

We will stop at the San Isidro station, near the magnificent neogothic early XXth century Cathedral and finally we will arrive to the Delta where we will enjoy a boat ride and a light typical argentinian snack along the little rivers and channels

Schedule: Monday through Sunday 9 am and 2 pm

Departures from downtown hotels.

Rate  U$S 30 per person



This is a visit to a typical "estancia" of the Argentine wet pampas, one of the most fertile natural prairies of the world and famous for its meat and cereal production. Upon arrival you will be invited to taste "empanadas", a typical appetizer and later then the "asado", which will be served with good Argentine wines. Later on you will enjoy a show of folkloric songs, dances and of Creole skill

Full day

Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (0945hs am)

Departures from downtown hotels.

Rate U$s 73 per person





 The junction of San Juan and Boedo streets is a historical corner of Buenos Aires steeped in local tradition. The bar that was built on this site in 1927 became a symbol of the urban culture of the Forties, hosting many of the popular musicians who turned tango into the foremost artistic expression of Buenos Aires.

Every day hundreds of tourists visit this unique and charming site , which is protected as a building of historical importance. It was essential to save it, and to bring back the magic of tango beat.
The corner of San Juan and Boedo represents the heart of the arrabal. It is a fitting place where to recreate the atmosphere of the days of cobbled streets and malevos while, at the same time, incorporating modern facilities and comfort.
The challenge of the project, which was directed by architect Carlos Liuzzi, was to restore the building and recreate it as a meeting place and center of cultural interest, preserving the original frontage and using the construction designs of the time when it was first built.
The re-opening marks the launch of an establishment fitted to the highest standards required in a modern city.
Intimately linked to local tradition and culture, “The Corner” is a place dedicated not only to the people of Buenos Aires but also to all music lovers

 Dinner Tango Show with transfers from downtown hotels: U$S 93 per person



At the corner of the alley named after Carlos Gardel and Anchorena street, next to a statue that immortalizes the most famous tango singer, there used to be a restaurant that was the gathering place for the colorful characters of the popular market of Buenos Aires. Chanta Cuatro Restaurant was a silent companion to Carlitos Gardel’s nights of dining and tango singing until sunrise with friends.
Chanta Cuatro opened its doors for the first time in 1893, at that time as a two storied restaurant and family hotel. Visitors were invited to play “bochas” (bocce) at the court attached to the restaurant. The opening of Chanta Cuatro was almost simultaneous with that of the old Mercado de Abasto (produce market) of the city of Buenos Aires, sharing its glory and decadence. It housed workers, immigrants and “malandras” (scoundrels). It witnessed the splendor of tango, maybe due to the proximity to Carlos Gardel’s home at Jean Jaures street, less than two blocks away.
Today, more than 100 years later, as if by magic, this story comes back into life. Esquina Carlos Gardel, located exactly on the same lot where Chanta Cuatro used to be, offers an unmatched, unbeatable alternative in Tango theme restaurants


Dinner Tango Show with transfers from downtown hotels : U$s 110 per person



 These two words genuinely sum up the essence and identity of a great city. To be born in Buenos Aires is to be Porteño - and tango was born and is alive in Buenos Aires - the city of Tango.

At the end of the twenties, a small theater existed at 700 Corrientes Ave (when Corrientes was still a narrow street). The now legendary Porteño Theater, as it was called, faced Tabarís, another renowned theater.

About the year 1925, the famous French artist Maurice Chevalier made his debut in the theater. It was he who premiered the Tango Porteño, a Tango Composed by Francisco Pracánico to celebrate Chevalier´s debut in the Porteño Theater. That same year, the Tango Porteño was recorded by Carlos Gardel for de Odeón label, and a legend was born.

We have recreated the most important, unparalleled age of Tango history in our Tango Porteño. In this special place only a few steps from the famous Obelisk we have recovered the essence of a unique time and place. The setting is luxurious and is the embodiment of refined ambience; a treasured Metro Goldwyn Mayer movie theater from bygone years. The theater was restored down to te last detail in pure art-deco style and is complemented creations.

We have a great commitment to excellence, and our mission has been fulfilled. Tango Porteño is the image of Buenos Aires.

 Dinner Tango Show with transfers from downtown hotels : U$s 100 per person



TOURS  - Programas para  pasajeros no residentes en Argentina


 Cataratas del Iguazu  ( 3 days / 2 nights )


Air ticket – Aerolineas Argentinas economy class

Regular Transfers airport / hotel / airport

02nts  accommodation at selected hotel 


Argentine side falls tour

Brazilian side falls tour


Hotel Loi Suites Iguazu – 5*   U$S 717 per person, double base


Hotel Amerian Iguazu – 5*     U$S  687 per person, double base.


Hotel Esturion – 4*                 U$S  624 per person, double base.


Hotel Cataratas – 4*               U$S  605 per person, double base.



Entrance fee to National Parks are not included  (  Entrance fee is U$S 25 per person per National Park )

Flight from Iguazu to Buenos Aires must departure not before 03PM



Argentine side falls: The Iguazú National Park, up north of Buenos Aires province, was created in October 9th, 1934; and it currently covers a surface of 66,148 ha. This marvelous shelter of nature encompasses many areas, of which precisely the waterfalls area shall be visited to contemplate the Iguazú river waterfalls The waterfalls may be admired from the bottom of the falls, called Circuito inferior (Inferior circuit), or from the top, Circuito Superior (superior circuit). From the visitors center you can access the circuits by the train or through the green path. The superior circuit has 1,600 meters of length and the superior one has 1,200 meters. In the waterfalls area it is possible to visit the most important fall of all: Garganta del Diablo (Devil´s throat). From the Cataratas station you can take the train to the Garganta station, where you may access the footbridge from the coast to the viewpoint. This is a fantastic trip and the view from the balcony is astonishing


Brazilian side falls: The national park do Iguazú, in Brazil, declared World Patrimony of the Humanity by the UNESCO in the year 1986, two years after the Argentinean Iguazú national park’s nomination. The IBAMA (Brazilian Environment Institute) manages this park and it is currently handling its revitalization, the same that for the Argentine park. The visiting area is made up of a sole footbridges circuit in front of the falls, which offers a really impressive panoramic view. The circuit is 1,200 long. Many argue that from Argentina you may live the waterfalls and from Brazil you may see them





Salta ( 4 days / 3 nights)


Air ticket – Aerolineas Argentinas economy class

Regular transfers airport / hotel / airport

03nts accommodation at selected hotel


Humahuaca Gorge excursion

Cafayate excursion


Hotel Alejandro I – 5*                 U$S 889 per person, double base .


Hotel Casa Real – 4*                 U$S 865 per person, double base .


Hotel Altos de Balcarce – 3*      U$S 799 per person, double base .


Humahuaca Gorge: Leaving Salta and going down until we reach the National Route 34, we will arrive at the city of San Salvador de Jujuy. In Yala the way starts to ascend through the Quebrada de Humahuaca. At the end of our trip, Humahuaca, colonial town that will welcome you.

On our way back we will pass by the city of San Salvador de Jujuy


Cafayate: We leave the city of Salta on the National Route 68 and we drive through the fertile Lerma Valley. Continuing on the winding way that borders the Conchas river, you will appreciate curious mountain shapes, like the Garganta del Diablo and the Amphitheater. Arrival at Cafayate.

Visit to the historic cathedral church of five ships, archeological museum, old wineries, and the Molino Harinero, legacy of the Jesuits.





Mendoza ( 3 days / 2 nights )


Air ticket – Aerolineas Argentinas economy class

Regular transfers airport / hotel / airport

02nts accommodation at selected hotel


Regular tour to Winnery & La Carrodilla Church ( half day tour )



Hotel Huentala – 4*   U$S 589 per person, double base


Hotel Premium Towers -4* U$S 585 per person, double base

 Winnery & La Carrodilla tour: A tour on the farming and vine areas of Mendoza. 

We will visit important and traditional wineries where we can taste their exquisite products. Then will visit the church of Virgin La Carrodilla, patron saint of the vines




Bariloche ( 3 days / 2 nights )


Air ticket – Aerolineas Argentinas economy class

Regular transfers airport / hotel / airport

02nts accommodation at selected hotel


Short Circuit tour


Hotel Cacique Inacayal -4 *   U$S 788 per person, double base


Hotel Tres Reyes – 3* SUP   U$S 723 per person, double base


 Short Circuit Tour: This tour starts in Bariloche and goes west along the southern shore of the Nahuel Huapi Lake. After 8 km you arrive at Playa Bonita where you have a wide view of Huemul Island. Cerro Campanario is 18 km away from town. There you can take a chair-lift to the summit to overlook lakes Nahuel Huapi and Moreno, Victioria Island, Llao Llao Hotel, San Pedro Peninsula, El Trebol lagoon and mountains such as Millaqueo, Lopez, Capilla, Goye, Bella Vista, Catedral and Otto. The drive continues trough a dense forest of coihues that is considered a municipal protected area, and where you can hike on clearly marked trails. After going over the bridge that crosses the stream that joins the Moreno with the Nahuel Huapi Lke, the road follows the southern shore of Lake Moreno passing by Mount Lopez and "Punto Panoramico" (a scenic viewpoint). You cross the bridge over the narrowest point of Lake Moreno, then you border El Trebol lagoon and then you will return to the city






Calafate ( 4 days / 3 nights )


Air ticket – Aerolíneas Argentinas economy class.

Regular transfers airport / hotel / airport

03nts accommodation at selected hotel

Perito Moreno Glacier tour


 Hotel Patagonia Park Plaza – 4* SUP     U$S 778 per person, double base

Hostería Blanca Patagonia                      U$S 749 per person, double base


Hosteria Kalken                                       U$S 670 per person, double base


Entrance fee to National Park is not included.

 In Calafate, Airport tax is not included.


Perito Moreno Glacier Tour: Perito Moreno Glacier is an impressive natural wonder and due to its extension and height, it has become world famous for its easy access, continuous advance and the loud loosening of huge icebergs. The Parque Nacional Los Glaciares (Glaciers National Park) area is home to other important glaciers such as Upsalla, Onelli and Spegazzini.

Once inside Los Glaciares National Park, you'll follow the route around Lago Argentino where 50 miles (80km) from El Calafate, Perito Moreno Glacier lies imposing with its 200 foot (60 meter) high ice walls. Follow the paths that lead you to face the glacier and get different impressive views, all while continuous detachments and constant ice breaking noises echoes in your surrounds! 

Enjoy this great Argentinian getaway and discover first hand the absolute beauty and granduer of the Perito Moren Glacier. This tour is ideal for the entire family and is a nature experience not to be missed by anyone!



Ushuaia ( 3 days / 2 nights )


Air ticket – Aerolíneas Argentinas economy class.

Regular transfers airport / hotel / airport

02nts accommodation at selected hotel


Tierra del Fuego National Park tour with Entrance fee included



Hotel Fueguino – 4*         U$S 751 per person, double base


Hotel Los Naranjos – 3*  U$S  669 per person, double base



In Ushuaia, airport tax is not included.


Tierra del Fuego National Park Tour: It is located 11 km away from the city. We will be able to appreciate lakes, lagoons and rivers within its limits, and their exit towards Beagle Channel, characteristic that makes the difference with the other national parks of our country .

Departing from the Maipu Avenue towards the southwest by the national route nro. 3, we will drive out of the city passing by the slope of the Susana Mount, witness of the work of the priosners of the old prison, where now the Southern Fuegian Railway is located. Here we will stop for this optional tour.
Continuing through the valley to the deviation that take us to the Ensenada Bay, where we will be able to contemplate the Redonda and Estorbo Islands and on the other coast of the Channel of Beagle, the snow-white Mountains of the Sampaio Chain (Chile). Back again on the national route #3 with the fuegian forest and its flora close to the road we will go to the Roca Lake to do a long walk by the lake coast and by the Lapataia river, originated in the lake. From this point we can see the Cóndor Hill natural border with Chile.
We will go towards the other end of the Park, where finalizes the route nro. 3 at Lapataia Bay, on the way to the mentioned bay we will observe the Green Lagoon and the Black Lagoon, large growing peat bog. Finally we will pass by the beaver dams, whose footpath will lead to Lapataia Bay