Near the Venue

Very close by 

Palermo Vecchio (Honduras 3895) Quaint sidewalk café and bar, serving pizzas, empanadas, and some of  the best milanesa in the city. 

Bar Jerónimo (Honduras 3900). Coffee-house, bar and restaurant (Across the street from the venue)

La Robla (Costa Rica 4001 ... Two blocks from the venue). Spanish and local food. Pasta, beef, fish, seafood, salads. 
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Los Remanseros (Costa Rica 3990 ... Two blocks from the venue). Pasta, meat, salads, fish. 

Juanitos (Medrano 1475 ..Two blocks from the venue). Steakhouse.

La Peca (
Gascón 1493). Pizza place

Tribeca (El Salvador 4166) Very small. They serve salads and light fare.                     

                      In the vecinity... 

For a gluten-free meal or take-away, try Celigourmet Palermo Soho at Thames 1633. Open Monday-Saturday 1000 am to 800pm. Sundays: noon to 800pm.

                      Need of a cold beer on a warm summer afternoon? Check out:

Cervecería Antares, Armenia 1447 (Palermo), Blog:

Olsen: a classic in the area, led by Germán Martitegui, in addition to beer, Olsen offers lunch (three set price menu options), a terrific happy hour, outstanding barman and a Sunday brunch worthy of special note. Gorriti 5870. 

After hour special opportunity on January 12: Joaquín Alberdi's shop (Jorge Luis Borges 1772) will be offering a wine tasting at 7 pm. Cost: 60 pesos. Sign up with the owner at:

While the Palermo neighborhood is constantly growing and changing, the following
restaurants and bars have stood the test of time:

Oui Oui. Nicaragua 6068 y 6099;
Pani. Nicaragua 6044;

The Food Factory: Nicaragua 6055;
Bartola. Nicaragua 5935;
Tegui. Costa Rica 5852;
Club Niceto. Niceto Vega 5510;
Green Bamboo. Costa Rica 5802;
Cucina Paradiso. Arévalo 1538;
Bio. Humboldt 2199;
Magendie. Honduras 5900; tel. (54-11) 4772 0022.
Rio Cafe. Honduras 4772;
Bar 6. Armenia 1676; tel. (54-11) 4833 6807.
Mark's. El Salvador 4701;
Belushi. Honduras 5333;
Mundo Bizarro. Serrano 1222;
Top it yogur helado. Gorriti 4721;
Las Pizarras. Thames 2296; tel. (54-11) 4775 0625.
Club Eros. Uriarte 1609.
Isabel Bar. Uriarte 1664; tel. (54-11) 4834 6969.