If there is one thing Argentina is known for around the world, it is leather. But that is certainly not the only item to shop for in Buenos Aires! Stroll and window-shop down Florida or Avda. Santa Fe, hit the outlets along Avda. Córdoba or get out of the summer heat in a local shopping center. There is plenty to see, do and buy!

No matter what you do, take note of the following crucial details:
  • Stores list prices in Argentinean pesos only. Don’t be confused by the $ sign. It means pesos, not dollars.
  • A value added tax (VAT) of 21% is included in the price.  It will not be added on top.
  • Tourists can claim a VAT refund on qualifying purchases made at participating stores. This only applies to products made in Argentina. See more information on tax free shopping below.
  • Most malls provide free shuttle service from your hotel. Check with your concierge. The concierge may also be able to give you a discount card good for 10% off at many mall stores. You can also check for special offers for tourists at the customer service booth inside the mall.

If you are looking for special crafts or prefer to frequent fair trade establishments,
 try Arte de Pueblos at Libertad 948, Buenos Aires,Tel. 4816-4351 (around the corner from the Regente Hotel).
 The shop brings together the work of craftsmen and women from eight ethnic groups from across Argentina.
 More information at 

If you're into the more traditional options, here you have it: 
Top 5 Shopping Malls in Buenos Aires from

View ImageAlto Palermo (Palermo)
Opened in 1990 and renovated in 2008, Alto Palermo is loaded with clothing stores, most of which are geared to the female shopper. Stores include Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, La Parfumerie, Timberland, Rouge, Mac, Gap and New Man. There’s also a Starbucks if you find yourself craving a frappuccino. You can change currency inside the mall at Metropolis.

Alto Palermo is located at the corner of Santa Fe and Coronel Diaz.

Paseo Alcorta (Palermo)

Paseo Alcorta in Palermo Chico is a good place for trendy fashions. A highlight of this mall is the large and well-stocked Carrefour supermarket.

It’s located at Figueroa Alcorta and Salguero.

View Image
Galerías Pacífico (Micro Centro)

Galerías Pacífico is the mall most visited by tourists due to its central location on Florida at Córdoba.

View ImagePatio Bullrich (Recoleta)

This is an upscale mall in a ritzy part of Recoleta. Among several levels of clothing stores you will also find a good wine store, movie theaters, cafes and restaurants. Here’s more information on Patio Bullrich.

It’s located on Posadas across from the Caesar Park Hotel.

Abasto Shopping (Abasto)

Abasto Shopping is the largest mall in Buenos Aires with over 230 shops, movie theaters and an enormous food court. There’s also an arcade and an educational museum for kids. So if you have kids this mall might be your best bet. 

The mall is located at Corrientes 3247 next to Carlos Gardel station on the “B” line of the subte.

And if you are looking for where the locals hang out, try: 

dot baires shopping
is open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m, 7 days a week and is located at Vedia 3602 on the corner of General Paz and Panamericana in the northern district of Saavedra (see for a list of stores).

Unicenter Shopping
is a classic in the Martínez district (near Palermo), Unicenter brands itself as a "regional mall." If you are looking for shoes, this is a "must-see."  Located at Paraná 2745, Unicenter is accessible by car, cab or city bus. More information at

Tax Free Shopping

Many major stores in Buenos Aires, particularly those in the larger malls like Patio Bullrich, Alto Palermo and Galerias Pacífico, participate in the Global Refund program for tax free shopping. 

When you make a qualifying purchase at one these stores you can request a Global Refund Cheque. This entitles you (a non-Argentine citizen) to a rebate of the VAT (value added tax) when you leave Argentina.

Stores that participate in the Global Refund program will display a “Tax Free Shopping” sticker in the window. The refund applies only to products manufactured in Argentina.
The refund amount is the VAT minus an administration fee. In Argentina, the VAT is included in the sticker price, not added on later at the cash register.

You can collect your refund at the airport when you are leaving Argentina. First, make sure you get your Global Refund Cheque stamped at customs BEFORE you pass through security and head to your departure gate. Then take your check to a Global Refund booth.  More information at



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