Tango Lessons and Dancing

Ah, the tango! That sensual, complex dance that is oh, so very Porteño...

And where better than Buenos Aires, it's birthplace, for a beginner to learn (or an experienced dancer to strut his --or her-- stuff)?

So bring your dancing shoes!!

Specifically, bring a pair non-stick (leather sole) shoes! We'd planned to make it a surprise, but the cat's out of the bag: the South American region's gift to the Assembly is..... free tango lessons during lunch! That's right! We'll push back the chairs, crank up the accordion and dance the hour away, so don't forget to pack those shoes.
And if that's not enough, for more information on how, when and where to sign up for private classes, check out:

or the quintessential Confitería La Ideal at http://www.confiteriaideal.com/public/Index/clases?i=en offering group lessons, private classes and a complete milonga experience.

For a younger milonga, tango and salsa crowd, check out Palermo's own La Viruta at http://www.lavirutatango.com/english_version/index.html

For a complete listing of everything tanguero going on, day by day, see http://bsas.tango.info/eng

And if all this is just too confusing and you'd prefer to take in a good show, contact our Official Travel Agent to book your spot!