Places to See in South America

Iguazú Falls                     

 Iguazú’s cataratas, or waterfalls, exhaust most superlatives. They are simply one of the most stunning, beautiful, dramatic, and powerful natural sights in the world. Straddling the Argentine-Brazilian-Paraguayan border, a system of over 200 separate falls plummets over the sharp cliffs of the Río Iguazú Superior, and plunges into the mist-shrouded Río Iguazú Inferior below—all amid a dense, intensely green jungle setting. 

The falls certainly aren’t undiscovered, but the drama of the sight—as well as the steam-engine sound effects produced by the falls themselves—somehow manages to overpower the groups of camera-toting tourists also partaking in the experience. Luckily for those coming from Buenos Aires, the best views, as well as most of the falls themselves, lie within Argentina, just 18km from the surprisingly pleasant town of Puerto Iguazú, where there are plenty of accommodation and food options. 

Many travelers, however, do take a quick, two- or three-hour trip over to the Brazilian side, which provides a better overall panorama of the falls, though American tourists will have to pay US$100 in visa fees.

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Western Argentina

Mendoza: Located over 1000km west of Buenos Aires, Mendoza, the capital of the eponymous province, has become a massively popular excursion for travelers

 visiting Buenos Aires. Founded in 1561 and completely leveled by an earthquake exactly 300 years later, this rambling, relaxing city, featuring wide streets and numerous plazas, has few sights to speak of—save for several decent museums and an excellent, enormous park—but most travelers come to Mendoza for what lies around the city, not for what’s in it. 

Mendoza is known as the country’s premier v wine-producing region, and some of Argentina’s main vineyards are within easy reach of the city center. Additionally, the city lies only 100km from the Andes Mountains, making it a hot spot for adventure.

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Patagonia: Chile and Argentina


A huge tract of land nestled along the border with Chile, Patagonia is legendary among travelers, explorers, nature lovers and hikers. From whale watching off Peninsula Valdes to the caving of the Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia has something (spectacular) to offer year-round.

Leading destinations in Patagonia include Calafate (the jumping off point to that amazing glacier), San Carlos de Bariloche (in the heart of the lake district) and Ushuaia (all the way down on the Beagle Channel, at the southern tip of Tierra del Fuego, “Land of Fire”).


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