Visas and Permits

Nationals of very few AIIC member countries require a visa to enter Argentina. For example, those carrying passports issued by the United States, Canada, Britain, European Community members, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Israel, South Africa, Switzerland, Scandinavian countries and Latin American countries do not historically require a visa to enter. 

To double check your nationality's status, go to Site in Spanish only. When in doubt, please check directly with your nearest Consulate of Argentina.

Citizens of countries that do not require an advance visa to enter Argentina may be subject to a reciprocity fee upon arrival. Again, please check with your local Consulate for further information.

Please note that to enter Argentina on a U.N. Laissez Passer, holders must apply for a visa regardless of their nationality. Argentine nationals holders of U.N. Laissez Passer must use their Argentine passport to enter and leave Argentine territory, except when visiting Argentina on official mission for a period not exceeding 10 days (in which case they must apply for a visa).